CAMBRIDGE, MASSACHUSETTS - JANUARY 4: From left, Brogan Madden, 12, Christine MacLeod, 12, and Aisling Madden, 13, of Eastern Massachusetts Girl Scout Troop 71911, scan a credit card on ROAMpay mobile card reader while selling cookies at the Harvard Square subway stop on January 4, 2013 in Cambridge, Massachusetts. 'Girl Scout cookies for sale, now accepting credit cards,' the scouts shout to passing commuters during the second year the Girl Scouts in Eastern Massachusetts have used the credit card machine for cookie sales. Photo by Ann Hermes/The Christian Science Monitor

Colorado Allowing Girl Scouts To Sell Their Delicious And Pricey Cookies Outside Weed Dispensaries

Photo: Ann Hermes/The Christian Science Monitor via Getty Images

As more and more states hopefully make marijuana legal, it’s time to remind you that Colorado has been ahead of the game as they were one of the first two states ever (the other being Washington) to legalize recreational use of cannabis. And now Colorado are allowing Girl Scouts to sell their cookies outside weed shops.

Just earlier this month, one nine-year-old girl was able to sell 300 boxes in six hours outside a marijuana dispensary in San Diego, so now Girl Scouts in Colorado will be aiming to do the same because when people get high, they need their sweets!

Some folks of course have an issue with this, stating that Girl Scouts should only be allowed to sell outside family-oriented businesses. You know, like when those little girls stop you on your way to Walmart and you end up buying 5 boxes somehow.

But now it’s official, as the Girl Scouts of Colorado sent out an email stating members are allowed to sell cookies outside “adult-oriented” businesses. This of course will only be allowed as long as their parent or guardian approves. Which means that’s good news for the dad trying to be the “cool dad.”

So there you have it, Colorado stoners. Expect to see a bunch of girls making you spend a bunch of cash on cookies.

h/t Bro Bible

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