Canadian Man Puts House Up For Sale With Sign Warning Of ‘A-hole’ Neighbor

Photo: Feverpitched (Getty)

To say Kane Blake and his neighbor don’t get along would be quite an understatement.

According to Global News, Blake recently put his home in Kelowna, Canada up for sale, and like all homeowners trying to sell their property, he put up a sign in front of his house. Of course, if it would have just been the normal for sale sign in his front yard, we wouldn’t be doing a story on it.

So just what did Blake put on his for sale sign that makes it so newsworthy? You guessed it – he warned potential buyers that his neighbor is a giant asshole.

“Home for Sale by Owner, Because Neighbor is an Asshole,” the sign reads.

Naturally, some people aren’t very happy about it, one of whom is of course a friend of the neighbor being referred to as the asshole.

“It was unbelievable,” Keith Kish said. “I couldn’t understand why the RCMP was not here forcing him to take it down immediately. There’s five schools in the area here, and that’s something kids should not be subjected to. What does that teach the kids?”

Other neighbors applaud the sign, however, and Blake said the sign has become so popular that people are stopping to have a good laugh and take pictures with it. Surprisingly, he’s even had offers on the house despite the warning.

So just what makes one homeowner put up a sign calling his neighbor an asshole?

“He’s been victimizing, bullying and harassing this family, my family,” Blake’s mother-in-law Sharon Gaudry said. “One of the grandchildren rides his bike to school. We’re not allowing him to ride his bike to school anymore because we are in fear.”

No word on the identity of the asshole neighbor, but if kids and bikes are involved, I’d say the betting favorite at this point would be Deebo from Friday.

Update: taken the sign down: Blake has now because he was tired of the drama it created.

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