Pet Owner Kills Man Who Killed His Dog By Ramming Him Into Brick Wall

Photo: Summit Entertainment

People love their dogs. That said, don’t ever get in the way of a person and their dog. I mean, have you ever seen John Wick? Well, one man decided to kill a another dude’s dog and because of that he got slammed into a brick wall.

It all kicked off when security camera footage recorded in the Provincial city of Yangzhou reportedly shows a man shooting a dog with a poison dart gun before fleeing the scene on his scooter. This man had been suspected in the murder of at least six dogs. But now his reign of terror is over thanks to one pet owner.

The pet owner found his dog whimpering and paralyzed, proceeded to chase down the suspect with his car and then smashed him through a brick wall of a shop.

Yangzhou City Police arrested the driver on manslaughter charges after the dog killer died at the scene. But according to the pet owner’s family, the man behind the wheel simply got “the pedals confused as he was driving” and didn’t mean to kill the man.

And here’s what a relative of the now dead dog killer said:

“Even if we were in the wrong, that does not give you the right to be judge, jury and executioner.” 

Let’s be honest. This guy was going around and killing dogs. So yeah, I don’t feel a ton of people are going to miss this dude. And hey, dogs are better than people anyway.

h/t Maxim

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