Suspect Comments On His Own Police Appeal On Facebook

Photo: Facebook/Preston Police

Here’s some advice from your favorite guy: if you’re being sought by police, it’s probably best not to mock them or comment on your own police appeal because chances are they will catch you. And well, a 30-year-old man named Jamie Murphy decided to do just that.

It all kicked off when Preston Police in the UK decided to take it to Facebook in order to get the public’s help in getting a suspect wanted in connection with a domestic violence allegation in November to turn himself in. Here’s the original appeal (which has now been deleted):

Photo: Facebook/Preston Police

And while people took notice, the post blew up after Murphy himself commented:

Photo: Facebook/Preston Police


Tons of people began commenting with some folks rooting for Murphy, with the majority telling him to “man up” and turn himself in. Preston Police then added this comment:

“Jamie – Happy to take the post down when you do as Carol Martin says and ‘man up’ and hand yourself in. If not we will find you like we always do! Sgt Hesketh has been in touch with you and tried to warn you that we would post an appeal via social media so you cannot say that you were not warned. See you when you are arrested.”

Murphy continued to complain, calling social media “judge, jury and executioner.” And the police responded with this:

Photo: Facebook/Preston Police

Murphy had one more response before logging off:

Photo: Facebook/Preston Police

And guess what? After all that nonsense Murphy ended up turning himself in anyway.

That’s right, kids, it took less than an hour after all this back and forth for Murphy to finally turn himself in after being laughed at on social media. If Murphy does end up being guilty, I hope he knows there is no Facebook behind bars. Well, at least I don’t think there is.

h/t Metro

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