Pennsylvania Inmate Tells Court The Drugs Found In His Butt Weren’t His

Photo: Stuart Dee (Getty)

Either Edwin Greco Wylie-Biggs really does go the extra mile for his fellow inmates or he’s lying.

According to Penn Live, when a corrections officer at the state prison in Fayette saw Wylie-Biggs accept something from another inmate last year, he became the subject of a strip search. Because it’s prison and everything always winds up coming down to the anus, prison officials ordered Wylie-Biggs to “bend over and spread his buttocks,” and that’s where the searchers found “a small plastic bag sticking out of his rectum.”

Inside that small plastic bag? You guessed it – a blue balloon containing synthetic marijuana.

But just when you thought hiding a blue balloon of weed up your anus would for sure be the craziest part of the story, the 36-year-old Wylie-Biggs threw everyone a curveball when he told officials during his recent appeal to a state court that the drugs weren’t his. He argued that the prison officials never proved that the drugs belonged to him and asked the court to remove the extra three to six years he was given for “possessing contraband.”

Sadly for Wylie-Biggs, Senior Judge William H. Platt upheld the additional sentencing because there was in fact plenty of evidence to prove the drugs belonged to him. Number one on that list? You guessed it – the marijuana was found in his ass.

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