Washington Man Rigs Boxes With Shotgun Blanks To Stop ‘Package Pirates’

Spilled Box of Shotgun Shell. Photo: wwing (Getty).

Nobody likes to have their packages stolen off their front porch, but this is sadly that time of the year. You can either sit back and accept that you win some and lose some, or you can be like Jaireme Barrow and do something about it.

Shotgun Blanks Rigged To Packages To Avoid Theft

Barrow invented “The Blank Box” as a matter of necessity last December, and has kept the holiday tradition alive ever since. Using nothing but fishing wire and 12-gauge shotgun blanks, this modern day McGyver has been putting “package pirates” on blast. And business appears to be booming.

The reasoning behind Barrow’s invention is both simple, and practical:

“I wanted a way to scare them safely. When you scare them, hopefully, they’re gonna drop the package and then run away. And then never come back.”

Along with selling single-shot and double-shot boxes on his website for $59.99 and $89.99, respectively, Barrow has even ventured into the merch end of things, selling t-shirts that say “Don’t touch my Package!” for men and “Don’t touch my Box!” for women.

Ahh, we see what you did there, Jaireme. Very sneaky, indeed.


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