Oreo Puts New Spin On Christmas Gifts With Its Cookie Music Box

Photo: Amazon

This holiday season will be filled with revelry and song. Carolers in 18th Century garb will descend on city streets to regale the crowds of onlookers with holiday-themed songs. Young and old alike will revel in the whimsy and excitement of the holidays as they enjoy the sing-songy energy of these hordes of eggnog-fueled singers. Well, at least that’s what the movies make us think, right? In reality, most of us have never seen a single caroler, and your best bet for holiday music has typically been Pandora, SiriusXM, Spotify, Amazon Music, or that old, dusty AM/FM radio you just found in the garage. Now Oreo is getting in on the holiday-music happenings. Yes, that’s right: the brand known for its chocolate wafer and vanilla crème cookies wants to set the sonic mood this holiday season.

How? Well, the brand is releasing the Oreo Music Box this holiday season. This goofy, seemingly unnecessary spin on technology consists of a miniature record player that uses Oreo cookies instead of vinyl records. Are you as confused as us? Don’t worry, all will be explained (or will it?).

Photo: Amazon

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Here’s how it works: simply place an Oreo cookie on the music box turn-table. Don’t put an actual record on it. That probably wouldn’t work and would be way less delicious. Slide the record arm into place and magically an Oreo-based tune will begin to play. Don’t worry if you start to crave that chocolate-crème goodness. Simply stop the record player, take a bite, and start it again. The more you eat and the smaller the cookie gets, the more the songs will change.

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The Oreo Music Box is the perfect addition to your office holiday party, a family get-together, or for those lonely nights in your apartment when you want to gorge yourself on Oreos. The music box is available now on Amazon. Inside the package, you’ll find a collectible holiday tin featuring five Oreo cookie packs (one 5-ounce package of Original Oreos, one 5-ounce package of White Fudge Oreos, and three 10-ounce packages of Oreo Thins). Could the holidays get any sweeter? We think not.