Dallas Model Arrested For Stealing Numerous Packages From Front Porches

Photo: Manuel-F-O (Getty)

Wait, does she not get enough free stuff being a model?

A 33-year-old model named Kelli Russell has finally been arrested after being caught on surveillance video in a string of neighborhood front porch thefts. Russell, a model and a bartender, was sought out by police after her neighbors caught her on video.

Photo: GoFundMe

Daily Mail

Dallas police arrested Russell for various traffic violations, including driving without a license plate. Following her arrest, detectives got a search warrant for her apartment and apparently found a significant number of stolen packages inside, according to the report. Russell’s neighbor, Aubrey White, said that police removed “an insane amount of things” from Russell’s apartment – enough to fill the trunks and backseats of two police cruisers.

White was among the apartment complex dwellers who recognized Russell from the surveillance footage of the package thief that was being shared online. In a number of the videos, filmed at different times at different locations, a blonde woman with her hair in a topknot can be seen brazenly approaching front doors, bending down to pick up brown cardboard packages and then walking away with them.

Police said that the majority of packages Russell is now suspected of having stolen were never reported to authorities. They are in the process of trying to contact theft victims in an effort to determine the value of the stolen goods.

Once police figure out the total value of all the stuff Russell stole she will be given an aggregate theft charge.

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This gal is quite the piece of work as last month she set up a GoFundMe page in the hopes of buying a new car, but only got $330 of her $2,000 goal.

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