Undercover Detroit Cops Get Into Standoff With Each Other In Drug Raid Gone Wrong

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What we have here is a failure to communicate.

An internal investigation has been kicked off after a very awkward and embarrassing set of events. It seems like two undercover cops from the police department’s 12th Precinct were pretending to be drug dealers in order to reel in would-be buyers when two other undercover cops from the 11th Precinct swung on by and ordered them to the ground. And it gets better. All four cops then decide to fight each other, throwing punches and pulling out their guns instead of catching the actual bad guys.

“You’ve gotta have more communication, I guess,” a homeowner who witnessed the incident told WJBK. “I don’t understand that happened about that — communicate.”

NY Post

One officer was taken to the hospital after the incident, according to the station, which quoted an unidentified cop who said the crew from the 12th Precinct didn’t follow proper protocol since it didn’t notify the department of the raid, which occurred three blocks inside the 11th Precinct’s territory.

Officers from the 12th Precinct also didn’t properly notify the 11th Precinct during a prostitution sting last week that led to a police chase, according to the police source.

In all, about 24 cops were involved, including some in full tactical gear and armed with assault rifles who were pushing and shoving each other in the “heated” and “bruising” incident, WXYZ reports. The officers and their command staff are part of an investigation by the department’s internal affairs unit, a police spokeswoman confirmed to The Post.

“There was an incident between two different groups of officers from two different precincts,” Officer Jennifer Moreno said.

It also seems that one of the undercover units had their body cameras rolling during the incident. And now we can only hope that we get to see that footage of a bunch of cops fighting each other. That is unless that footage mysteriously “disappears,” as it usually does with footage involving cops.

But let’s assume it went like this:

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