Most Dudes In North America Will Be Infertile By 2060

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Remember that movie, Children of Men? It was all about Clive Owen trying to protect the only pregnant woman out there. Well, that was a movie, but according to one expert, guys in the west will be infertile by the year 2060.

Research shows that sperm counts among men in the west have more than halved in the past 40 years. And Chris Barrat, a professor of Reproductive Medicine at the University of Dundee, believes if this trend continues it can be doom for all us dudes hoping to have little versions of ourselves.

“If the data on sperm counts is extrapolated to its logical conclusion, men will have little or no reproductive capacity from 2060 onward,” Barrat explains.

And that means dudes in North America, Australia, Europe and even New Zealand are all screwed. But not in the fun way. But why is this happening? Lots of factors like pollutants, the environment, smoking and not eating right are some causes of our infertility.

But don’t worry, because Stefan Schlatt, of the Westfalia Wilhelms University of Munster, told Highsnobiety that the research has not taken every factor into account. Here’s what he said:

When your grandfather went in to get a semen count, he would take it very seriously and not have an ejaculation in the 5-6 days leading up to the appointment This is quite different from people in the Western countries these days. 

I believe that the frequency of ejaculations have increased in relation to our grandfathers. It is quite important to note that the study indicates that something is wrong with our testes and our testes’ function. But it doesn’t mean anything beyond that. 

I wish he didn’t mention my grandpa’s sperm count.

And ladies, the study also says that dudes in Asia, Africa and South America have showed no decline in sperm count so heading over to one of those places is your best bet to have a baby.

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