Matthew McConaughey Starts Hilarious Meme With His Sassy Pose

Photo: Rochlin/FilmMagic (Getty)

Matthew McConaughey may be a respected actor with an Oscar to his name, but people are still fascinated by the 47-year-old and the chill-aura he presents nearly everywhere he goes. And that’s why the internet has gone crazy with a new meme that started after McConaughey struck a very sassy.

The actor recently showed up at the University of Texas to talk to the men’s basketball team. And while I’m sure what he said inspired these dude, it was the way he was standing that got everyone’s attention. Take a look at the tweet below to see what we’re talking about:

Here’s a closer look at this gem:

Photo: Twitter/

Photo: Twitter

What a power stance. And of course that tweet blew up as it was liked almost 100,000 times. And now people have turned that pose into a meme. Check out the hilarious responses below.

But hey, we still love us some McConaughey.

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