Dallas PD Tweets ‘Missing Your Weed?’ After Finding 179 Pounds Of Marijuana

Photo: Alija (Getty)

I mean, what’s next? Tweeting gang members a picture of their cousin’s corpse and asking, “Missing your pal?”

According to The Dallas Morning News, Dallas authorities recently found more than 3,000 marijuana plants growing in a “remote area” on the city’s southeast side, and in an absolute dick move, they’re now going to destroy every single one of them.

Dallas PD Tweets ‘Missing Your Weed?’ After Finding 179 Pounds Of Marijuana


Just how does a police department as busy as the one in Dallas stumble upon thousands of pot plants? Well, it was a joint effort, as the Dallas Narcotics Division received assistance from not only Air One but also the Southeast Bike Unit as well as the Dallas Fire-Rescue Swift Water Team.

For Jeopardy! purposes, 3,000 wild pot plants will tip the scales at 179 pounds these days, something that authorities are having no problems bragging to the masses about. In fact, Dallas police Maj. Max Geron jumped on Twitter after Friday’s find and flaunted their haul to whoever just got dicked out of a massive winter stash.

No word if anybody was actually dumb enough to call the hotline yet, which is actually something that wouldn’t be out of the question if this bust would have gone down in Florida.


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