Bartender Arrested For Hiding Cocaine In Drink Menus

Photo: shironosov (Getty)

For anyone who found themselves at Dion Bar in Central London recently, you would have discovered that along with your overpriced drink you also had the option to order some coke. And I’m not talking about the soft drink. Let me explain.

Justyna Gorska, the bar’s 34-year-old bartender and assistant general manager, was recently arrested and tossed behind bars for 28 months after it was discovered that she was hiding cocaine within the drink menu. Customers would simply order a “specific drink” and they would then get a “wrap of cocaine.” This occurred six different times.

Photo: Facebook/Justyna Gorska

Daily Mail

During one night, Gorska supplied two wraps of cocaine to buyers, charging them £50 ($66) per wrap, as she served them drinks. She explained that she would bring them a menu and they were instructed to place their money inside the menu.

She then removed the menu and returned with the wraps, which were later found to be cocaine. The same ‘menu’ tactic was employed by Gorska again on five more occasions throughout the summer. When arrested, Gorska was found to have a single wrap of cocaine concealed in her bra which she voluntarily handed over.

Detective Constable Brendan Kennedy had this to say about all this craziness:

“We know the vast majority of licensed premises within the Square Mile are owned and operated by fully law-abiding staff and management who have close relationships with our City of London Police licensing team.

Gorska however clearly believed that the rules did not apply to her, and her sentence is proof that our dedicated Major Crime Team will identify any such offenders and we will use a range of tactics to stop them and bring them to justice.”

And even though she was busted dealing cocaine, Gorska denies being a drug dealer. Sure, lady. That’s like me admitting to have an English degree and still trying to convince people I’m not poor.

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