Car Thief Leaves ‘Hulk Hands’ Behind On Steering Wheel

Photo: Walt Disney Studios

Well that’s not something you see everyday.

Whether you’re 8-years-old or 80, everyone enjoys a pair of “Hulk Hands.”

But one car thief in Washington apparently loves those green hands so much he took it with him when he attempted to steal a car. But too bad for him he left them behind on the steering wheel. Let us explain.

According to Pasco Police, the car thief was attempting to steal a car but had to flee when he was confronted by a witness.

“That male ran off, but left behind a pair of Hulk-hands attached to the steering wheel. They were not inside the vehicle before the prowl,” police said.

And there’s a photo to prove it. Check out what the Pasco Police shared on their Facebook.

Here’s a closer look:

Photo: Facebook/Pasco Police

But police were able to track him down:

“About an hour later and two blocks away, at 2:45 AM at 18th/ Bonneville, sharp-eyed Officer Bob Harris saw Ariel C. Contreras, DOB 060684 of Pasco, and realized that he matched the physical description, clothing description, and had a matching backpack. Contreras had a warrant. Once arrested, he was found to possess paperwork stolen from the first victim’s vehicle.”

This Hulk-lover was then charged with vehicle prowl and possession of stolen property.

h/t UPI

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