Weight Lifter Goes Bonkers On Woman After She Makes A Harmless Joke

Photo: Ibrakovic (Getty)

I’m just going to assume this dude is on steroids.

I don’t spend my time at the gym lifting weights as I like to spend my time off binging on Netflix or stuffing my face with food while regretting it. But some folks like to spend their time at the gym and some take it quite serious. And it looks like Twitter user Allie Rose had to deal with one of those gym-lovers. Let me explain.

Rose took it to Twitter to share a response she got from a weight lifter she was speaking to — a pretty harsh response that came after Rose decided to poke fun at this dude’s camouflage pants. Look at the tweet below.

Here’s a closer look:

Photo: Twitter/Allie Rose

Photo: Twitter/Allie Rose

So Rose was clearly doing a “hey, where’s your legs” because he’s wear camo joke, but this idiot thought Rose was poking fun at his lack of leg muscles. And this was his response.

Screengrab: Twitter/Allie Rose

Screengrab: Twitter/Allie Rose

Oh boy.

And Twitter was loving this exchange.


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Well, at least his absurd response has gone viral. That’s something.