Hilarious Bucket List Found In Dressing Room Is Making The Internet Go Bonkers

Photo: Jutta Klee (Getty)

Everyone has a bucket list, and if it is not written down somewhere and stored it is a mental checklist in your head. Well, one person was recently inside of a dressing room at Urban Outfitters when they discovered a piece of paper that was titled “Summer Bucket List 2017.” That’s right, folks, someone actually wrote out a bucket list for things to do this summer.

A friend of the person who found the list took it to Twitter to share the hilarious discovery with everyone. Take a look at the tweet below.

Here’s a closer look.

Photo: Twitter

Photo: Twitter

Now as you can see some of the items on this list include:

“Have sex.”

“Give 2 blowjobs.”

“Get drunk all the time.”

“Eat cotton candy.”

“Go ape.”

“Get a boob hickey.” 

This gal is going to have quite the summer. Of course, Twitter was going bonkers over this extremely random bucket list.

Well, at least this gal is trying to live the best life.

h/t Viral Thread

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