Coyote Survives After Being Hit By Car Then Getting Caught And Hauled In The Front Grate

Photo: Pinterest/Looney Tunes

The rest of the pack is never going to believe him.

According to UPI, an Alberta woman driving to work in the early morning hours last week slammed into a coyote that couldn’t have picked a worse time to cross the street. Thinking she had not only hit but also ran over the poor guy, she continued on what was no doubt a sadder trip into Calgary for work than usual.

However, outside of the coyote jumping into the passenger seat and smoking a blunt with her on her way into work, pretty much the exact opposite happened, as the lucky fucker wound up getting caught in the front grate of Georgia Knox’s car and had no choice but to just sit there and take in the sights while they made their way to Calgary.

“When I got out to look, this poor little guy was looking up and blinking at me,” Knox said on her Facebook page. “I notified Alberta fish and wildlife enforcement right away who came to rescue him. Miraculously, he was freed and had minimal injuries despite having hitched a ride from Airdrie to Calgary at highway speeds! Their biologist checked him over and gave him the good to go. They released him in Kananaskis. Clearly mother nature has other plans for this special little guy!”

No word on what the coyote did when he got home, but our guess is that he slammed a six-pack of Pabst and smoked every last cigarette that he could find. I mean, it doesn’t get any closer to meeting your maker than that.

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