Guy Gets 40-Year Driving Ban After Being Caught Without Insurance 28 Times

Photo: CreativaImages (Getty)

As the old saying goes, “if you get away with it 27 times, don’t try it a 28th time.” Or something like that.

A 25-year-old man from Ireland named Sean Coss has been banned from driving until the year 2057 after being caught for the 28th time driving without any insurance. According to Metro, Coss had 121 previous offenses on the road, and his latest conviction was the nail on the head as Judge Keenan Johnson hit him with the 40 year punishment.


Last week Coss appealed the sentence of five months in jail and a 20 year ban but Judge Keenan Johnson doubled the driving ban at the appeal hearing. He said: “He’s not a fit person to ever hold a license. 27 convictions for no insurance? That must be a record.” The Leinster Express reported Coss had 174 previous convictions, 121 for road traffic matters which included 22 previous for no license, 27 for no insurance, and 11 for driving while disqualified.

Well known to police, Coss was pulled over in St Michael’s Park, Portarlington, on October 2 where officers discovered the had no insurance. Coss’ barrister Mr. Colm Hennessy asked the judge if his client, who was living in a hotel with his wife and children, could start his sentence after Christmas promising to present himself on January 1 to go into custody.

Judge Johnson said there was ‘absolutely no merit to the appeal given the appellant’s horrendous record’ and confirmed the sentence of five months in prison.

So just to recap: Coss will be able to get behind the wheel again when he’s 65-years-old. And at that point he will be so old he will be a nuisance on the road again.

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