Guy Makes Hilarious PowerPoint Of First Date Ideas, Quickly Gets Blocked By Date

Photo: Instagram

Perhaps it was his use of PowerPoint since no one uses PowerPoint anymore that got him blocked, but regardless, it does not seem like this dude’s date was in the laughing mood.

A Twitter user named Ben Velzian recently took it to Twitter to share what was going on with a dude named Tom he had met on a dating app. All was going well until Tom asked him for any suggestions as to where they both should go on their first date. Take a look at the tweet below.

You read that, right, folks. Instead of Ben just coming up with a few places he decided to go all out and make a PowerPoint presentation filled with first date ideas. Everything from a museum to golf is suggested in the PowerPoint — that is filled with hilarious tidbits and even a photo of Celine Dion.

Take a look at the presentation below.

Here’s the rest.

But guess what? Tom was not a fan of this at all, and it scared him so much he actually blocked Ben.

Here’s what Ben had to say to HuffPost UK:

“I thought we had a similar sense of humor so I made the presentation when he asked to meet up. He reacted very weirdly and blocked me on Whatsapp and Tinder within about five minutes of me sending it. I think I scared him off, and I imagine he thought I was being serious. We probably wouldn’t have got on.”

Ben has some last words about this “ordeal.”

Don’t worry, Ben, can’t wait to see the PowerPoint you make up when you’re trying to decide where to go eat.

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