These 2 Tinder Strangers Have Been Having The Most Hilarious Convo For Years And Still Haven’t Met Up

Photo: Yiu Yu Hoi (Getty)

It can be very hard to make time to meet up with someone you have just met on Tinder — hell, it’s hard just to get a match these days. But three years ago a man named Josh Avsec matched with a gal named Michelle Arendas on Tinder, and ever since then they haven’t met up yet. But they still talk. Let us explain.

Josh took it to Twitter to share some screengrabs of his past conversations with Michelle. And let’s just say that they two people are very, very busy. Take a look at the screenshots thanks to Josh’s Twitter.

Here’s a better look.

tinder meet up1

Photo: Twitter/Tinder

tinder meet up2

Photo: Twitter/Tinder

You know when you text someone and they text you back weeks later saying, “sorry, been busy”? Yep, this is like that but ten times more extreme.

Oh, and Michelle decided to have a little fun with this on her Twitter.

I’d like to think that sooner or later these two will meet and it will be glorious. When will they meet? Hopefully sometime in the next decade — that would be ideal.

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