This Legless Gal Has Gone Viral For Her Hilarious Tinder Profile

Photo: Instagram/Mandy Horvath

A little while ago we got word of a one arm gal whose Tinder bio made the internet fall for her. And it looks like the internet has fallen for another gal thanks to her hilarious Tinder profile.

The gal in the spotlight is 24-year-old Mandy Horvath. Horvath lost both of her legs back in 2014 when she was unfortunately hit by a train. But even though she doesn’t have both of her legs, Horvath is still out and about and making the best of a rough situation, all thanks to a positive attitude. And that’s very obvious by her Tinder.

This is Horvath.

Image: Tinder

And this is what her bio says:

Image: Tinder

As you can see, it reads:

“I don’t have legs, but don’t worry – I’m taking it in stride. Just roll with it okay? My life was a train wreck (literally hit by a f****** train). Technically I can still doggy paddle, I even have sexy land roving bionic legs.

I have similar functionalities to a vacuum, easily portable – I come on wheels and I suck. It’s not uncomfortable for my legs to be above my head.”

Now that’s someone you want to get to know. Horvath revealed to to Daily Mail that she’s received plenty of positive responses to her profile, as well as even some dates.

“Since my accident happened, humor has been the driving force and it has made my recovery a lot easier,” Horvath says. “My sense of humor in my Tinder bio is so funny, the jokes people send back have me in fits of laughter. People tend to love how open I am and it’s definitely helped secure a few dates.”

So any time you think you’re having a rough day, just know that there is someone out there with no legs who has a better attitude than you do, so shape up.

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