Massachusetts Man Pooping Out Drugs He Jammed Up His Butt Tells Cops ‘That Must Be The 8-Ball’

Photo: RobertKacpura (Getty)

The most surprising part of this story might be that it did not take place in Florida.

According to MassLive, a 36-year-old Holyoke man with heroin, cocaine, crack and Klonopin pills jammed up his ass was searched by police after they were tipped off by somebody that, well, the guy all of that shit hiding in his poop chute.

The on-the-spot July 5 search of Michael D. Olmstead yielded a plastic bag of heroin and Klonopin pills that was rather easy to find since it was “protruding from the orifice.” But since the tipster promised cocaine and crack somewhere along Olmstead’s Hershey highway, he was placed under “constant surveillance” until he shit that out as well.

That magic moment came two days later on July 7 when Olmstead was heard saying “That must be the 8-ball” while he was dropping a deuce. Well, it sure was and then some, as this shit bag was filled with cocaine, more heroin, a crack rock and additional Klonopin pills.

Olmstead now faces four drug possession charges as well as single charges of conspiracy to violate drug law and delivering drugs to a prisoner. But hey, at least now he’s pooping only what he’s supposed to be.

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