Arizona Woman Breaks Into Home Via Doggy Door, Gets Stabbed By Kid

Photo: Anderson in court appearance. (Maricopa County Superior Court)

Not the most successful break-in.

Just like Marv sneaked a peak at Kevin’s house through the doggy door like so…

…Kristen Anderson actually took it a step further when she broke-into a Phoenix home by crawling through the doggy door. Once the 34-year-old was inside of the house, she grabbed a young girl that was in the house and threw her on the couch.

But not so fast. The girl’s sister was brave enough to attack the woman with a knife and stab her in the chest.

NY Post

Anderson “started rubbing her hand in her blood then rubbing it onto her face saying ah, blood [sic],” the arresting cop wrote in his probable-cause statement.

“The defendant rubbed her blood onto the face, legs, and hair of [one of the girls],” the officer wrote.

The 10- and 12-year-old girls, who were not physically hurt, managed to run away to a neighbor to seek help. By the time officers arrived, Anderson “was walking down the street yelling, you cant [sic] control me,” according to court documents.

She was collared and taken to a hospital to be treated for the stab wound and to undergo a psychiatric evaluation, the paper reported. The arresting officer said the barking mad woman kicked a hospital worker in the stomach as she tried to give her a sedative so they could perform a CT scan. The officer believes Anderson might be mentally disturbed, according to the documents.

No word yet if Anderson was on drugs or alcohol or if she is just completely bonkers. I’m going to agree with the officer and go with the final option.

But kudos to that girl for protecting her sister. They definitely don’t teach you that in any Judy Blume book.

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