Angry Florida Man Shoots Out The Tires Of AT&T Work Trucks Parked Outside His House

Photo: Twitter

Florida Man is at it again. This time, he came packing heat.

A retired firefighter named Jorge Jove wasn’t happy that trucks belonging to AT&T workers were parked outside his home. Just trying to enjoy his retirement, these trucks sat in front of his house and somehow it was too much for the old man to handle.

Jove went out and asked the workers to move their trucks. The workers said they would move them in a few minutes after they were done repairing some lines near the home. Unfortunately, this wasn’t good enough for Jove and he proceeded to lose it.

Florida Man Pissed At Work Trucks Parked Outside His House Shoots Tires Out

Jove went back in his house and picked up a revolver. He came back outside and started shooting out the tires because Florida.

As you can see in the video above posted by Billy Corben, this guy let off a number of rounds into the trucks. In total, angry Florida Man shot off 18 bullets into the vehicles, hitting the tires and at least one of the engines.

Luckily, no one was hurt in the incident and police came to take Jove into custody. An investigation is ongoing, but it’s pretty clear Florida Man lost his shit and started taking it out on defenseless utility workers.

Stay classy, Florida, and maybe work on your communication skills.


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