Florida Drug Dealer Calls Cops To Report Theft Of His Cocaine

Photo: stevanovicigor (Getty)

Some people aren’t very bright. But when it comes to Florida man David Blackmon, that a massive understatement.

According to the Smoking Gun, the 35-year-old recently called police and not only “identified himself as a drug dealer,” but reported the theft of cash and, now listen to this, a small bag of cocaine from his car. Really, David? Cops said that Blackmon complained about $50 being stolen from him and “about on-quarter of an ounce of cocaine.”

Florida Drug Dealer Calls Cops To Report Theft Of His Cocaine

Via The Smoking Gun

While Blackmon was showing an Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office deputy where his cash and coke had been, the cop noticed a second “plastic baggie containing suspected cocaine on the center console.”

A further examination of Blackmon’s ride, cops say, turned up a crack pipe on the vehicle’s floorboard and a crack rock on the center console. The contents of the plastic baggie, the crack rock, and the pipe all tested positive for cocaine. Blackmon apparently was miffed that the police theft investigation quickly morphed into a narcotics case. The self-described drug dealer, an officer noted, “asked if I knew the cocaine was there, why did I let him keep talking.”

So a call about a theft ended with Blackmon himself in handcuffs as he was charged with cocaine possession, resisting arrest and possession of drug paraphernalia.

But Blackmon should be used to this by now because he was already a convicted felon. And here’s what his rap sheet includes: domestic battery; trespassing; grand theft; resisting arrest; probation violation; cocaine possession and child neglet.

Good old, David.

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