Naked Manitowoc Man Resisting Police Catches Fire After They Tase Him

Photo: Christopher Furlong (Getty)

Don’t worry, Brendan Dassey. This guy probably won’t be going to Wrestlemania either

According to WSAW, a naked 33-year-old Manitowoc man was reportedly standing in the middle of a city street Friday night “yelling that he had a knife and was going to gut someone.”

When several city police officers arrived on the scene and asked Travis Tingler why he was standing in the middle of the road without any clothes on, he told them he “wasn’t doing anything and it wasn’t against the law to walk around with no clothes on.”

The sounds about right for Manitowoc, Wisconsin, but instead of framing this guy for murder like their county counterparts, these city police officers decided to diffuse the situation by escorting the “gentleman” to their squad car. Along the way, they found Tingler’s folding knife in his pants that were laid out on his porch, so they removed the knife and tried to put his pants on for him.

Pants apparently weren’t part of Tingler’s Friday night plans, and he began to scuffle with police while they tried to cover him up. The officers decided to use their tasers in an effort to subdue him, but Tingler was “unfazed” by their first shot.

Now, it’s unknown what Tingler was on at this point other than alcohol, but he would soon be…wait for it…on fire after officers tased him again. You see, kids, Tingler had apparently picked up a cigarette lighter, and the instant officers tased him, it ignited both his beard and chest hair.

Officers quickly attempted to put out the flames, and for their efforts, one of them received a punch in the face courtesy of Tingler. The other officer deployed his taser, and this time it was strong enough to knock Tingler out. Tingler even resisted the EMS crew that arrived on the scene to treat him, so he was eventually sedated.

He now faces charges of felony resisting/battery to a police officer, disorderly conduct and lewd and lascivious behavior.

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