Florida Man Hides Cocaine Inside Cookie Monster Doll

Photo: Ben Hider (Getty)

If you can’t get a pigeon to do the job for you, maybe a puppet with a love for cookies can.


Let’s all talk about 39-year-old Camus Lorenzo McNair as the Florida Keys man found quite the hiding spot for his two packages of cocaine. The only problem was that it wasn’t a good enough hiding spot. According to The Smoking Gun, McNair was recently pulled over by police when they noticed the Dodge he was driving had an obscured license plate.

Via The Smoking Gun

When McNair rolled down his window, the deputy smelled marijuana, prompting a search of the vehicle. When Deputy Orey Swilley opened the backpack, he noticed that the doll seemed a bit heavy.

Upon spotting a slit cut into the blue Sesame Street doll, Swilley probed further and retrieved a pair of packages containing cocaine.

And here it is, folks:

cookie monster concaine

According to police Cookie Monster had 314 grams of cocaine hidden inside of him, which is more than 2/3 of a pound.

cookie monster cocaine2

McNair was of course arrested and charged with cocaine trafficking and possession of drug equipment

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