Man Kidnaps Family And Forces Them To Shop At Target

Photo: Alex Wong (Getty)

Could have been worse, they could have been forced to go to Walmart.

This one right here is quite bizarre. A North Carolina man named Rollin Anthony Owens Jr. knocked on the door of a home earlier this week and asked the residents of the home for money as you do when you knock on a random door. Well guess what? The nice folks actually gave this idiot some cash, but that wasn’t enough because Owens pulled out a gun on the residents — which including two adults and two kids, and then forced them to go to an ATM nearby.

But that wasn’t the end. After the ATM stop, Owens then forced the family to go to Target and shop for him. The family was forced to buy several bags of clothing and gift cards.

forced to shop at target1

Owens’ fun came to an end one when one the family members asked a store clerk for help undetected. And luckily for the family a police officer happened to be in the parking lot of the store at the time and arrested Owens without incident.

This idiot is now facing charges of robbery with a dangerous weapon, assault inflicting serious injury, felony larceny, breaking and entering, second-degree kidnapping, assault by pointing a gun, trespassing and finally, obtaining property by false pretense. Holy hell.


Apparently some of these charges stem from three other incidents that police believe Owens may have been involved in, including beating a man on the head with his gun and then forcing him to go to an ATM and buy cigarettes. But there’s more. Owens is also suspected of knocking on another door and again asking the residents for money. When the resident refused, Owens grabbed his coffee, took a sip, then complained that it was too sweet. Oh, and then put a gun to the victim’s head.

Owens now has a bond of $1 million.

In conclusion: people in North Carolina should just stop answering the door altogether.

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