Missing Cat Found Hiding Under Floor, 2 Months After House Fire

Photo: Christine Marr

Better late than never.

Now here’s a crazy story: two months after Ringer the cat went missing and was believed to be killed by a house fire, he was found under the fire-ravaged home’s floor. And all thanks to his friend, Chloe the dog.

When homeowner Christine Marr, her husband and their dog Chloe returned to their home in South Maven that caught fire from a space heater, Chloe decided to sniff around, and well, she found quite the surprise.

Photo: Christine Marr

Photo: Christine Marr

“She’s running around the house and she’s sniffing all the corners,” Marr said to Huffington Post. “And then she went to another part of the house and she started licking the floor and scratching at it. I thought, OK, that’s weird.” And that’s when Chloe focused on one part of the floor, and when Marr investigated it she heard a “faint meow.”

“I figured it was a stray,” Marr said. Marr returned with some cat food only to find her husband petting a very bony black cat.

“I’m thinking nothing of it,” Marr said of her reaction, figuring that the cat was another all black stray. Marr then noticed the white ring circling the cat’s tail. It was the same mark Ringer had.

“I’m like, ‘Oh my God, that’s Ringer!’” Marr recalled. “This is our missing cat of two months that just came out of a hole in the floor.”

Chloe, who was almost lost during the fire but was found, is the hero in this story as she found her buddy. Marr believes that Ringer survived under the floor by eating bugs or whatever it could find, although he lost half of his body weight.

“I’m just still in awe that he’s back. I got my cat back,” Marr said. “That makes all that bad stuff not so bad.”

Ringer is still recovering, and has a feeding tube in his neck helping him eat for now. According to Marr the tube will remain in place until Ringer is able to keep down solid food, which could be up to a month from now.

So that’s your happy news story for the day.

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