Dude Lets Two Chickens Loose On A Train And Then Bails

Photo: Facebook

In “random stuff that happened for some reason,” an unidentified man brought two chickens onto a train in Sydney, Australia, set them down and then ran away. Why? No one has a damn clue.

Of course everyone was left utterly confused as the chickens did what chickens do: they pecked at the ankles of the baffled passengers — that is until two people finally picked them up. And all of this happened during the early morning commute, so the train was packed.

Check out the video below to see these chickens in action, and the two brave folks who picked them up.

The chickens, named Betty and Mumbles, were handed over to station staff until they could be returned to their original owner at Botany Day Care — it seems like these chickens were stolen from the original owner and then dumped on a train. Perhaps this was a prank, or perhaps the dude who stole them realized he wanted to become a vegan, so he set them free.

We may never know why.

h/t The Hook Mag

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