People Can Now Rent A Chicken

Photo: FatCamera (Getty Images)

Well, you can rent pretty much anything these days, so why not a chicken?

According to The Takeout, people now have the option to rent their very own chicken. You know, if they are completely bored with their regular old house pets. Rent The Chicken service is all about giving people coops and chicks so they can experience what it’s like to be a farmer. But mainly so they can get a batch of eggs and hand back the chicken when it’s all said and done.

The Takeout

Rent The Chicken can hook you up with hens in locations from Phoenix to Fort Wayne, Toledo to Tulsa, and many major cities in between. They’ll even deliver to New York City, where a Deluxe Rental Package—delivery, setup, and pick-up, four egg-laying hens, one deluxe coop, food and water dispensers, 100 pounds of chicken food, and a guide—will set you back a cool $1,100.

Let me break this math down: Four hens will, at peak laying, give you about two dozen eggs per week. If you have these chickens from June to August, as the website states, that’s 384 eggs total. I’m pretty sure that works out to about $34 per dozen eggs, but please check my math, because that sounds ridiculous.

Well, this certainly sounds like something people will just want to do because they are bored and want to add ‘Farmer‘ to their resume.

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“Normal people have a little taste of farm life,” Raylee Holliday of Rent The Chicken’s Middle Tennessee division tells Nashville’s News Channel 5.

That’s right. Us normal folks don’t know a damn thing about farming. But it’s certainly nothing that Rent The Chicken service can’t help us with. Especially with this glorious video ad.

 Well I’m sold.