Cobra Regurgitates Seven Whole Eggs In Gross Viral Video

Photo: Matt Cardy/Getty Images

I consider myself to be a huge fan of eggs in the morning, but I guess I’m a massive slouch compared to this snake that was recently captured on video in India after it killed a chicken to get to her eggs.

According to the Daily Mail, the massive cobra chowed down on eight eggs in all, but the real fun didn’t start until it realized that that was about seven eggs too many. And boy, if you’ve never seen a snake puke up seven whole eggs, you’re in for a real treat. Check this out:

Wow. With moves like that, this guy could headline six nights a week at the Luxor.

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“The Purge: India” recently took place in the state of Kerala along the country’s Arabian Sea coastline. Fortunately for the owner of the chicken coop, there was only one casualty before workers saw what was going on and chased the snake outside. Unfortunately for the cobra, its gluttony got in the way of a quick escape, so it was forced to barf up seven eggs before making its way for freedom.

It’s unknown if the cobra was really that hungry or if it was just taking part in the latest internet challenge plaguing stupid teen snakes in which they try to see how many eggs they can swallow before their stomach explodes.