Guy Tries To Pay Prostitute With Boiled Eggs, Gets His Ass Beat

Photo: Ricardo DeAratanha (Getty)

Well, that’s certainly one way to learn prostitutes prefer money over eggs.

For some reason, there are guys out there that think paying a prostitute in things other than cash is the right way to go. There was actually a dude in Wyoming who wanted to pay a prostitute with a Quarter Pounder. And then there was that guy in Oregon who wanted to tip his prostitute with not cash, but with a damn bushbaby. Well, the guy in this story learned that cash is the way to go, and the prostitute made sure he will never forget again.

So here’s this bizarre story: 28-year-old Moses Mushonga confronted a prositute in Zimbabwe, fondled her boobs through her bra without permission, and to top it all off he asked for sex in exchange for some eggs — two boiled eggs, to be exact. Well, let’s see the aftermath of that proposal:


Photo: CEN

As you can tell from the left, that’s Moses all bloodied. And on the right, that’s the woman — clearly pissed.

How did Moses get this way? The woman hit him in the head with a beer bottle, and then punched him…like really hard. And when Moses finally came to, he told local media this: “She could have just said no.”

According to this tough prostitute she thought Moses needed to be taught respect, and this is one way to do it.

The woman was not charged by police.

h/t Metro

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