Florida Woman Threatens To Kill Cashier After Her ‘Large Amount Of Pennies’ Is Rejected

Photo: John_Brueske (Getty)

Take my pennies!

A 20-year-old woman named Adekemi Ayeni was so pissed off that a 7-Eleven clerk would not accept her “large amount of pennies” as payment for her items, that she trashed the store, and then of course, threatened to kill the employee.

This all occurred in Melbourne, as according to police Ayeni entered the 7-Eleven at around 1:30AM, and offered the clerk a bunch of gross pennies as payment. The clerk informed Ayeni that the “amount was too much for the store to take in.” And that’s when Ayeni lost it.

Ayeni was caught on camera losing her mind, as she “began throwing and pushing items off of the counter and at the clerk.”

pennies crime

Ayeni then left the store, only to return with a pair of guns, as she said she was going to shoot the clerk. All of this because no one wanted her jar of pennies. The clerk suffered some minor injuries, but other than that she was fine.

Ayeni fled the scene, but police eventually caught up with her. Police discovered that Ayeni was already a convicted felon, and a search of her car led police to find a “.38 caliber handgun, a BB gun, a hat “cut to be a ski mask,” and two pairs of “gardening style gloves.” Police believe Ayeni might be linked to other robberies. Makes sense.

pennies crime2

Ayeni has been charged with aggravated assault with a firearm. And here’s hoping she can use her pennies to buy stuff behind bars.

Via The Smoking Gun

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