Best Friends Fake A Proposal Just To Get Free Dessert

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What’s better? Love or dessert? The answer is dessert.

People are willing to do anything for free food, that’s why this guy made sure to ride around town during his birthday just to get a bunch of free food for himself. And while many people have told a restaurant it’s their birthday simple to get a free dessert, not many people have gone out of their way to do with these two best friends did.

Texas residents Cati Domitrovich, a 19-year-old gal, and her best friend, 17-year-old, Alex Nagle, decided that they were gonna go the extra mile to get some free dessert. And what did they do? Well, Alex just pretended to propose to Cati.

Here’s what happened according to Cati: “We just had to act like a couple the entire time.” When Cati went to the bathroom, Alex told the server that he was going to propose. He also asked her to take photos. and well, this is what happened.

Here’s a closer look.

Screen Shot 2017-03-31 at 8.43.16 AM

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fake proposal1

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fake proposal2

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fake proposal3

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Looks like Alex got himself a good one.

“Everyone believed us and everyone clapped,” Cati said. Cati says they want to try it at other place but she’s afraid restaurants might “take notice.”

This ploy has gotten mixed reactions, with some folks applauding Cati and Alex, while others just calling them a bunch of scammers. But hey, anything for dessert, right? Unless you’re inane and don’t like dessert.


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