Searches For The Trumps On Pornhub Went Through The Roof On Election Night

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Thank Christ the majority of them are for the ladies who’ll be calling the White House home in two months.

Hey, the post-election doesn’t just have awfulness like tools yelling racist things at coffee shops or women being pulled over for a DUL and blaming it on Donald Trump, it also has gems like this.

According to DudeComedy, jerkers across the country really hit the whammy bar when it came to searching for members of the Trump family on Pornhub on November 9.

Searches For The Trumps On Pornhub Went Through The Roof On Election Night


Strangely enough, the night/early morning it was announced that Donald Trump would be the 45th President of the United States, searches for president-elect skyrocketed some 874 percent. But that was nothing compared to how many American perverts went searching for the ladies in his life.


That’s right, kids. Searches for Ivanka Trump went up 1,169 percent while Melania had the honor of topping the 1,500-mark, coming in at 1,538 percent higher than normal. But it was Tiffany Trump who was number one when it came to horndogs punching their clown on Election Night, as searches for Donald’s daughter boomed some 2,548 percent since he pulled off the upset of the century.

And the good news for Tiffany is that while most of her family members’ search numbers fell back to Earth, bating dudes have continued to search for videos of her or her lookalikes to the tune of a whopping 9,128 percent above normal. So congrats, I guess.

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