Mom ‘Evicts’ 8-Year-Old Son For Voting For Donald Trump

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Well, that’s one way to show your displeasure.

It’s been less than a week since Donald Trump was elected the new president of the United States, and clearly people have had different reactions. One college student is ready to get an ass tattoo in support of Donald Trump, while these two women were clearly unhappy about Trump when they protested while topless. But this story here is just bizarre and quite baffling.


Apparently there was a mock election at an Texas elementary school, and when one boy’s mother learned that he had “voted” for Donald Trump she did what any mom would have done: She “evicted” him. Oh, and she said “Bye, Donald Trump lover,” as he rolled his suitcase away.

The woman, named Ashley Stallworth, posted a video of the incident on her Facebook before deleting her page after it went viral, also gave the boy a sign to hold that read: “My mom kicked me out because I voted for Donald Trump.” Oh, and just to add a tad more craziness to this story this was the caption on the video: “When your child vote for Donald Trump at school. His ass must go.”

And of course, police was called.

Ashley’s mother, Gloria Stallworth described her daughter’s video as a “prank” that was meant “just for family and friends only.”


It becomes even worse as the boy begins to cry, and Ashley yells “Get up! Let’s go. Here’s your suitcase, bye. Go. We don’t do Donald Trump here. Bye.”

If you’re wondering why the kid “voted for Trump” he explains on the video it’s “Because he’s on TV a lot.”

Eventually Ashley is seen bringing the boy back, but man has the damage been done.

The mother has not been reached for comment, but this does not look well. Even if it was a prank, it’s probably best if she would have let the kid in on the prank before completely traumatizing him. Oh, and newsflash: an 8-year-old knows nothing of politics, you airhead.

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