Somebody Destroyed Donald Trump’s Star On The Hollywood Walk Of Fame

Photo: Tom Pennington (Getty)

But to be fair, he’s been doing the same thing to himself for the better half of a year now. Boom.

Donald Trump has made it easy on everyone to poke fun at him. Trump has inspired “groper” costumes, trolling and even a mystery Zoltar machine. And now, well, it’s led to this.

According to Deadline, a man dressed as a city construction worker used a sledgehammer and pickax combo to demolish presidential hopeful Donald Trump’s star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame early this morning.

Here’s all that remains after “Jamie Otis” went apeshit on pretty much the only thing Trump had left going for him in Hollywood:

Otis told Deadline that he plans to auction off the pieces of the star he took home with him in hopes of raising money for the women who have accused the Republican Party candidate of sexual assault over the last few weeks. While that seems like a truly noble cause, you also have to think that it’s also the best way to get busted for vandalism.

The crew at Deadline also has an exclusive video of Otis doing his thing at 5:45 a.m. this morning while several people look on in amazement. The LAPD reportedly showed up roughly a half-hour later, but Otis was long gone by then. Genius.

Even crazier than somebody destroying Donald Trump’s star on the Walk of Fame? You guessed it: The fact that Michael Bolton has a star on the Walk of Fame and nobody has done the same thing to it yet.

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