Tennessee Man Arrested For Beating Mother With Hockey Stick After Being Denied Taco Bell

Photo:  John E. Kelly (Getty)

It’s tough to get lower than not being able to fork over enough of your own cash for a meal at Taco Bell, but Logan Badgley found a way to get there and then some over the weekend.

While some moms are beating their sons up over a burrito, and some folks are living it up staying overnight at a Taco Bell, things are a tad different in Tennessee.

taco bell

According to The Smoking Gun, the 22-year-old Lakeland man argued with his mother at their home Saturday night, and despite the fact that she told him there wasn’t enough money on her debit card to cover the cost of anything at Taco Bell, police said Badgley snatched it anyway and made a run for the border.

Police said Badgley returned to the house a short while later enraged because, wouldn’t you know it, there wasn’t enough money on the debit card to cover the cost of his Taco Bell munchies. He then confronted his mother in the garage, grabbed his hockey stick and struck her so hard in the head with it that she lost consciousness as she fell to the floor.

When police arrived on the scene, they placed the hockey stick into evidence and charged Badgley with felony aggravated assault. Badgley told officers he had a few “alcoholic beverages” earlier in the night but stopped short of confirming that he was an absolute pile of shit.

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