Asian Man Makes Bold Choice Of Cutting Off His Own Penis Instead Of Getting Married For A Second Time

Photo: Riou (Getty)

Listen, I don’t know just what in the hell is going on with Asian folks and their penises lately, but recently we heard about the Chinese man who got his penis stuck in a wedding ring, and then we heard about the Vietnamese man who snapped his penis during sex. But now read this bizarre story.

Imagine being a woman who has to answer to, “Hey, aren’t you the girl whose man chose cutting off his dick instead of spending the rest of his life with you?”


Well, according to Gulf News, a United Arab Emirates woman will have to live with that thought for the rest of her life after a 26-year-old Asian man who was already married to another woman in his home country decided he would rather cut off his boom stick instead of being forced by his parents into a second marriage with her.

The schlong slice went down earlier this month during a dispute between the man and his family members while they were visiting the city of Sharjah. At a certain point, the thought of having to marry another woman became too much for the poor bastard to handle, so he took a knife to his pecker.

After being rushed to the hospital by his brother, the man was still so deterred from being forced into another union that he refused to have it reattached. Thankfully, his brother and several doctors reaffirmed the importance of having a penis, and the man eventually decided to go through with the surgery.

So, after all that it is a happy ending.

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