Girl At LSU Game Pukes On Other Fans Then Gets Arrested For Fighting Cops Trying To Help

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If you’re wondering if they’re having just as much at college these days as you did 15 years ago, here’s a story that proves they sure as shit still are.

Let me first say that this story involves puke — just like the MMA fighter who puked when hiss opponent farted in his face, and just like the folks who admitted to the most embarrassing places they’ve puke at. The point is, if you’re a fan of puke you will dig this story.

The LSU Tigers shut out the visiting Ole Miss Rebels in the second half of Saturday night’s 38-21 victory at Tiger Stadium, and at least one fan was shut out from celebrating her beloved team’s victory at a downtown Baton Rouge drinking establishment. That’s because she puked her brains out, threatened to fight anybody who wasn’t OK with it and then refused to leave with the police officers who arrived to take control of the situation.

Let’s see if that decision paid off for her. Check it out below thanks to Emily Dupre’s Twitter:


It’s a damn shame that there wasn’t a video of this gal barfing her combination of vodka and nachos all over the crowd below, but thankfully the girl who captured the video of her arrest on her cellphone tweeted that that was indeed the case.

20-year-old Renuka Koritala was arrested and charged with possession of weed and resisting a police officer after she allegedly kicked one them not once but twice as they attempted to carry her out of the stadium.


Maybe it’s just us, but that sounds like terrible weed. Might be time to switch your source, young lady.

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