Garbage MMA Fight Ends After Fighter Pukes His Guts Out

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I’m not a fan of MMA, and I honestly know only two MMA fighters. Ronda Rousey, who pretty much fell off the face of the earth after being defeated. And Conor McGregor, who along with Floyd Mayweather will be making more of a mockery of the sport of boxing. But now I know who Jesse Reasoner and Sean Needham are. And that’s mainly because the fight between them ended in vomit.

Last weekend, something called KnockOut Promotions held a fighting event in Michigan. And the first fight of the night was between Reasoner and Needham in the super heavyweight division. Both of these fighters also weighed in at over 270 pounds so everyone knew they were in for a mess.

Let’s just say this terrible bout turned into an even worse show when Reasoner’s guts just couldn’t keep it together and exited his mouth. Take a look at the gross video below.

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Well then, that’s certainly one way to kick off a fighting event.

And yes, since Reasoner puked all over the cage he was disqualified and the win went to his opponent, Needham. But let’s be honest, there were no winners here at all.

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