MMA Fighter Gets Choked Unconscious, Still Knocks Out Opponent

Screenshot: Twitter

Talk about a comeback.

Let me first start off by saying that this fight is at least way better than that awful MMA fight featuring two slugs barely fighting before it ends in one fighter puking. The fight below at least shows two talented fighters and quite the finish.

The fight, which occurred at the ACB 64 bantamweight bout, features Nashkho Galaev going one-on-one against Denis Mutsnek. Mutsnek quickly chokes Galaev unconscious in the first round and Galaev almost loses the match but makes one hell of a comeback. Check out the video below.

MMA Fighter Gets Choked Unconscious, Still Knocks Out Opponent 

Now some folks on Twitter are saying Galaev tapped but the referee did a terrible job and didn’t stop the fight. But it seems that was the second chance that the 25-year-old fighter from Russia needed in order to recover and win the fight.

Galaev has been victorious in his last five fights. But now we know his secret: get choked out, give your opponent confidence and then knock him out.

h/t Bleacher Report

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