Here’s A Georgia Tech Football Player Knocking Out His Teammate With One Punch

Photo: Mike Zarrilli/Getty Images

So is this how teams bond these days?

I don’t care about college football at all, but since a lot of folks do, and since folks enjoy seeing idiots fight each other, I thought it would be a good idea to let you all know about this one-punch fight. Two Georgia Tech football players, Step Durham and Lance Austin, were filmed in an altercation earlier this year in their athletic facility. And what starts off as shoving, ends up with Austin on the floor.

Check out the video below of the incident:

Well, at least Durham tried to help Austin up after he almost murdered him. That has to count for something, right? Right? Guess not.

TMZ reached out to Georgia Tech and were told this:

“Georgia Tech’s football coaching staff became aware of the incident between teammates and friends shortly after it occurred. Discipline was handled internally.”

Photo: (L) Lance Austin (R) Step Durham (Georgia Tech)

No word on what the punishment was, but no player missed anytime during the regular season. It is known that both players told coaching staff about the incident and say there are no hard feelings. Although if someone knocked me out I have to believe there would be some hard feelings, no?

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