Georgia Man Whose Vulgar Court Rant Was Immortalized By ‘Rick And Morty’ Sentenced To Life In Prison

Screenshot: YouTube/Cartoon Network

Way back in June, 33-year-old Denver Fenton Allen was the talk across the country after his 11-minute exchange with Superior Court Judge Bryant Durham in which Allen threatened to kill Durham’s family, was released and everyone got to hear. Well fast forward a couple of months later and Allen has now been sent to life behind bars after pleading guilty to killing his cellmate.

Man Whose Vulgar Court Rant Was Immortalized By ‘Rick And Morty’ Gets Life In Prison

Allen’s insane rant was shown by the hit TV show Rick and Morty, which made his rant that much more popular. Here’s a small snippet.

But now this time around it’s a serious situation since Allen ended up killing his cellmate after just five days in jail. But his new life sentence prompted another insane reaction from Allen.

Photo: Floyd County Sheriff’s Office

NY Post

Allen — who suffers from delusions and schizophrenia, according to a state evaluation that still found him fit for trial — was sentenced to life in prison Monday, prompting him to threaten to kill people in the courtroom, including the assistant district attorney.

Allen claimed his court-appointed attorney had made unwanted sexual advances toward him and was inadequately prepared. Durham said he doubted those claims and recommended that Allen go to trial with the attorney rather than represent himself, prompting Allen’s incredibly crude tirade.

“You know something, this is going to be an interesting trial,” Durham said. “You know something? You’re absolutely the rudest person I think I’ve ever met!”

Durham later recused himself from the case and issued a public apology for his role in the exchange, the Rome-News-Tribune reports.

And here’s what Assistant District Attorney Luke Martin had to say about Allen’s attack on his cellmate.

“He didn’t punch the biggest guy in the room, he waited until Stephen Nalley went to sleep. And then he bashed Stephen Nalley’s head in … then he went around the jail and bragged about killing his cellmate. He’s a dangerous person. He needs to be in prison until he dies.”

Boy, that’s dark. Well, at least we’ll always have this Rick and Morty court scene.

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