Imagine Every Fight Ended Like This Fight In Australia Did

Screenshot: Facebook/Judita Aku-wei Winter

I have honestly never been in a physical fight as I prefer going the sarcastic comment route. Hey, it’s more my style. But thanks to the internet, I have seen plenty of people exchange punches for various reasons, and usually most fights end with someone injured, someone being dragged away or the cops involved. Well, the fight below didn’t end like any of those ways.

The fight below, which took place on a Sydney train, shows two dudes, an older guy in a tank top and a young dude in a pink shirt, exchanging words before throwing punches. Now obviously it seems the older man is trashed as he to tells the pink shirt dude that he will “smash” him.

Well, let’s just say that it was the older dude who got smashed. But watch the video below to see how this fight ends.

That’s right, it ended how most fights should end: with a hug.

“Look you had a crack at me first,” the younger man says. “This is not how I intended my night to go … I’m trying to get home, I have work in the morning…If you don’t mean it, I don’t mean it.”

The world would be a better place if people would just hug it out after fighting. This is how all fights should go: one on one, best man wins. Then a hug follows. This is how world peace is achieved.

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