Florida Man Missing Half Of His Head Arrested For Arson And Murder

Yeah, once police determined that the suspect was half-headed, we’ll guess that it didn’t take them long to get their man.

There has been some odd mugshots that have made their way onto the internet. And whether it was the dude who started to cry like a baby while police took his mugshot, or if it was this crazy mugshot that we can’t even explain, there have been some memorable ones. And the one below may just top them all.

According to NBC Miami, a 31-year-old Miami man who answers to the nickname “Halfy” because he only has half of his skull left was arrested earlier this week for allegedly setting his mattress on fire on purpose, a decision that posed “an immediate threat to the lives and safety of the occupants” in his duplex.


Police hammered Carlos Rodriguez with arson and attempted murder charges Monday afternoon, but his court hearing was pushed to Wednesday because his public defender thinks he has “some mental issues.”

Um, no shit.

Rodriguez lost half of his dome in 2010 when he was “barred out on drugs” and drove his car into a pole, flew out the windshield and landed on his head.

No word if Halfy also illegally removed the tags from his mattress before setting it ablaze, but odds are even if that’s the case, prosecutors will be more concerned with the one count of first-degree arson and two counts of attempted felony murder.

If you’re looking for a “glass half-full” take on Halfy’s story, I guess, hey, at least he didn’t fuck his dog before lighting up his bed: Florida Man Had Sex With His Pit Bull In Front Of His Neighbors