College Bro With The Unluckiest Beer Pong Swat Of All Time

At first glance, it looks like just your average college dorm room, complete with a dresser top filled with a jug of drinking water next to a giant bottle of discount laundry detergent, an oversized bottle of baby powder or Axe Body Wash, either of which will be used excessively to ensure the dude’s beanbag smells like a million bucks at the house party later on that night, and of course, some kind of trophy.

It’s unknown what the bro did to win the trophy, but it sure as shit wasn’t for being the luckiest guy on the planet, as this video from the beer pong perfectly illustrates the fact that this guy is anything but lucky and perhaps even the unluckiest dude at his university.

The unluckiest beer pong swat ever. Send your photos and videos to [email protected]

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We’re not sure if it was just that unlucky bastard who wound up drinking after the ball somehow found a way into the bottom of the cup, but from here on out, I think we can all agree that if that ever happens again, then everybody has to slam their beer.

This was no rally like this game, but at least they looked as terrified and as surprise as this dude.

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