Jimmy John’s Twitter Account Hits Back At Troll With ‘You’ve Eaten Ass?’

Photo: Gilbert Carrasquillo (Getty)

In my opinion, there is no better sandwich than a Jimmy John’s sandwich. Hell, the whole experience of walking into a Jimmy John’s restaurant, ordering your sandwich and having it made fresh yet still in the palm of your hand in less than 90 seconds is pretty damn enjoyable.

But the most enjoyable part of that experience hands down is how delicious each one of their sandwiches is, and this statement is coming from probably the pickiest eater on the planet. Of course, there are those who disagree with me. Like this guy on Twitter going by the name of “#YourBoyWeNotSocks, for example, who decided to hit up the Jimmy John’s Twitter account yesterday to let them know that they have the “worst subs ever.”

That was definitely a bold statement from #YourBoyWeNotSocks, but in a surprising and even bolder move given the times we live in today, Jimmy John’s hit back at the dude with this now-deleted tweet:

jimmy johns eaten ass tweet

Of course, #YourBoyWeNotSocks made sure it didn’t end there:

About an hour later, somebody at Jimmy John’s decided that a back-and-forth discussion with somebody about eating ass would probably be bad for business, so they deleted the tweet and left these dandies instead:

Screen Shot 2016-10-06 at 2.27.11 PM

And now they can all eat sandwiches and ass in peace.

But I least no one was stabbed or had their finger bitten off at Jimmy John’s (again).

h/t First We Feast

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