Georgia Pervert Arrested After Getting Filmed While Having Sex With His Pit Bull

That’s not what they mean by “man’s best friend,” you sick bastard.

According to The LADbible, a 68-year-old man was arrested last week after witnesses handed over videos and pictures of him taking a poor pit bull to pound town.

Guy Has Sex With Dog

Police said they found Reinaldo Diaz “completely naked” and having his way with the pooch outside in the rain when they arrived on the scene last Tuesday afternoon. They were responding to reports of a butt-naked man straddling a black and white dog behind a house, and sadly that’s exactly what they found when they arrived.

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Police added that the dog belonged to one of Diaz’s relatives, and that it thankfully “was not injured during the assault,” which is easy for them to say. I mean, even if everything is structurally sound back there, you have to think that it’s going to be mentally dicked for quite some time and will do all it can to lock itself into a room every time somebody says, “It’s time to go to Uncle Reinaldo’s house.”